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    Many people are working a dead end job or they are unemployed or they just want to make extra money. I found a couple of really good companies that I've joined who truly care about helping people and are not at all expensive to join and to continue doing business with. There is little to no investment needed.

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  When I was a kid, any time I had an ailment, my mother would go to this particular herb store and buy a specific brand of vitamin or herb to get rid of whatever ailment I had. I came to realize that whatever she was going to give me, I knew it was going to work.

   As I got older, when I needed a certain herb or vitamin, I would go to the same herb store that my mother went to. Well one day they didn't have what I wanted. They told me they will order some and it will be here in a week or so and I can come back to pick it up. So one day at home, I got to looking at a bottle of one of the products made by this company and I noticed that they have a website. So I got on my computer and took a look. I was surprised to find that after all these years, I can order whatever vitamins, herbs and personal care products I want from this company, and they will send it to my house within 3 to 5 business days. They'll send my order anywhere I want. I found out that people can give me money to order what they want and I can have their order sent to their home or P.O. Box. As a member, I can buy wholesale and sell retail. To become a member, all I had to do was purchase $40 worth of products a year at member prices. And, I get my own website, FREE! It's super easy to manage because there's no need to manage it at all. It's just a copy of the company's website. And when people order from my website, I make money. And when people who order from my website become members so they can save money by buying at member prices, and they get customers for themselves, I make a little money from their customers too!

   Some people become members just to get great products at member prices and are not interested in starting their own business. Others use it as a part-time or full-time income. The Customer Service and Help from this company is one of the best I've ever seen. Click HERE to go to my Free Website.



   If you can start your own successful and enjoyable business and all you have to invest is $10 a month, would you do it? Whether you're interested in building your own website with easy to use templates or not, this is a great opportunity! If you know how to use a Social Media Account, you can do this. They made it easy to learn how.

   We all know of .com, .org, .biz and others. Years ago as these were first coming out, executives made a lot of money. Recently, a small group of people fought hard to come out with ".ws" which simply stands for 'Website'. In time, .ws will be more common than it is now.

   This small group of people have now created a large, debt free company that is ranked high as one of the fastest growing companies in the world. They made it so regular people like you and I can cash in on the Domain Market. 

    If you're not interested in having your own website that comes with your $10 per month, including hosting, no problem! Later you might decide that you want a website or you can let your kids or grandchildren create their own .ws website. If you want .com, .org, .biz etc., you can have that for a lot less than the other guys. You can make your site a blog or WordPress if you want. Either way, you get 10 pages and 10 email addresses. You can check & send emails using your smartphone too. The interface is really nice!

   After you sign up to start making money in the Domain Market, there will be several links for you to choose from with your username to share with others. (I suggest that you keep your username short, as it will be part of your sharing link.) With your 7 Day Free Trial, you'll see just how well put together this company is. Here is one of my favorite sharing links: Click Here